Funnel Report Name and Description

Here you’ll see the name of your funnel report and a summary of the report.

Date Selector

Choose from pre-defined date ranges or define a custom date range.

Flexible Funnel View

Want to show customers that entered the funnel after the first step? Check this box to activate flexible funnel views. Kissmetrics will show you all the customers that fell into the funnel even if they skipped the first step.

Funnel Overview

This tab of your report will show a summary of how customers went through each step of your funnel.

Funnel Steps

Clicking on individual funnel steps will allow you to see a more granular breakdown of your funnel. You'll be able edit the current step to be a different event or remove it entirely. You can also choose to perform a People Search to get a list of customers who got through any step of your funnel.

Create new funnel steps

Click here to create new steps in your funnel. You can edit these steps at any time even after you add more steps later.

Conversion Rate

This is your funnel’s total conversion rate after all the steps in your funnel. Kissmetrics will automatically re-calculate this conversion rate as you add, remove, or modify your funnel.


Slice and dice your data to see what factors and channels contributed to your funnel’s performance.

Export to CSV

Export your funnel report and segments into a handy CSV file for further calculations or analysis.