Which Report Should I Create?

Not sure which report you should use? Our report wizard will show you which reports work best for your goals. For example, you should use the Funnel Report if you want to increase your conversions.

Report Sorter

Choose from seeing all your reports or specific reports. Sort by name or date created.

Funnel Reports — Click for report

Funnel reports identify problem areas in your business by seeing how many people drop-off from one event to another. Funnels let you analyze conversions and customer flows so that you can optimize your sign up process, check out flow, or customer engagement.

Cohort Reports — Click for report

Cohort reports allow you to measure groups of people who have similar characteristics or experiences. A cohort could be "customers who signed up in September" or "customers who used coupon ABC". By using cohorts reports, you can see how different groups of people behave when they interact with your business.

Revenue Reports — Click for report

The Revenue Report shows you all the channels that are bringing you money, each lined up next to each other. You'll be able to compare various segments — not only which ones are bringing you the most revenue, but by lowest churn, highest lifetime value, and so on.

People Reports — Click for report

People reports show you groups of people that have similar characteristics or behaviors. People search lets you find dedicated customers and also customers that need to be re-engaged/re-marketed to for more opportunities to turn them into repeat customers.

A/B Test Reports — Click for report

A/B Test Reports give you insight into how users respond to changes within your site. Use it to determine how well users convert in a given test and take control of your site's optimization.

Power Reports — Click for report

Power Reports give you complete control over your data. Segment your report however you like and pick any metrics that you want. This is the report you'll use to answer incredibly detailed questions about your customers.

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See how your conversions and revenues differ between groups of customers.

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See how different features impact your conversion rates.