Search Options

Search for people by defining common actions and segments or search by identities such as email addresses or usernames.

Create a Group

Define what your group of people has in common based on what they do or don't do.

Nested Conditions

Create advanced search conditions by nesting actions. These nested conditions define people who signed up only if they were referred by Google and signed up for the small plan.

Add a Condition

Define your own conditions based on what people do or don't do. Choose from events and/or properties.

Search Result Options

Customize your search results to see even more data about your Group.

Saved Searches

Once you create a People Search with conditions and columns that you are happy with, you can save it so that you can access it from the Reports tab.

People Search Results — Click for more

Sort by each column based on dates of actions, total number of actions, or segment. Click on individual people to view their customer profile.